Did we have a good time!!!!!
Class of 1956
55th Reunion

Jerry Bowen Rodgers,
Sharlene Callaway Clark
and Dianne Law Pollard
Jan Harrison Hughes, Juliene Trussel Neese
and Harrel, Joyce Jones Mitchell
The event was perfect for the 55th….no one missed
talent shows or the Coasters … those were good days
of the past we can all recall. The time spent was one
on one…of lives touched by illnesses, and other life-
threatening challenges…of kids and their
accomplishments…of grandkids and how they were
the most talented ever made. It was a time of
genuinely getting to relax and catch up with dear
friends of yesteryear…of careers past, and some of us
still careering.
Sharlene Callaway Clark & John
David Young
Our dear
friend Bob
Bozman is
of the Class
of 1956.  
Thanks for
the fantastic
Lee Roy Carpenter
Mary Holland Rutledge
Jack Ivey
Charlotte Ingram
John Barnes
Tom Delanoy
Ron Harris
Gleni Blount Tai
Helen Webb Beasley
Patsy LaForce Stephens
Sandra Thomason Bozman
Jan Harrison Hughes' husband, Bob
Sandra Seat Fuller
Bob Heath &
Sandra Bozman
Sara and Ken Pritchett
Diane Hillpot Bures & Frank
Mary Sue Bragg Cersovsky
Barbara Wacasey Thomas
Frank West
Janice Sutton Grupe
Paula Craig